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Alister Ross is an Athletics Australia Certified Coach, with an esteemed running background and extensive experience in guiding runners to be their very best. He was ranked in top 10 at 800 metres at Australian National Level for many years, with a personal best of 1min 49, and was recruited to represent the University of Illnois (USA / NCAA school) on full athletics track and field scholarship for two years. His favourite race is Sydney’s City 2 Surf in which he has achieved an impressive PB of 47mins. He’s now inspired to help runners of all ages and abilities get the most of the sport he loves – be that a 5km fun run or full marathon. He has also consulted to many tier-one corporations, including Macquarie Bank, to assist them with their fitness and running programs.
The Running Hub Coaching

Coaching Programs

5km — 10km – City 2 Surf – Half Mara – Mara

The Running Hub’s coaching programs begin at $110 per program for 16-week schedule. Each program is specifically catered for your individual goals and aims. Be that a 5km fun run, 10km, City 2 Surf, Half Marathon or full Marathon plan. Each day is detailed out in full with No Days Off – we even program active recovery, like rest! Our programs are not only for elite-level athletes, they’re for anyone looking to get the most out of their running. We’re here to help you enjoy running as much as we do, and we want to inspire you to achieve your running goals and aspirations. All we ask is commitment. In return, we guarantee you’ll get better and enjoy your running more.

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